Here is a little peek into the story behind the beef... 

Owners Stan and Vanessa Nabors, both share a passion for farming as well as a passion for good food. Stan’s passion for farming came at the age of seven when he purchased his first chickens. As he raised his chickens and they began laying eggs, Stan began selling the eggs to people in his community. He even used the money he had made to buy more chickens.

At the age of nine, he and his Maw Maw planted his first garden, and he was taught to care for and harvest vegetables. When Stan was in middle school he purchased his first hog, alongside his uncle who bought a Jersey Cow. Every day they would take turns milking the cow and packaging the Milk in glass gallon jugs that were sold to locals in their community.

Growing up, Stan occupied all of his Summers by farming with his 3 great uncles. He loved getting up square bales of hay along with combining (harvest) wheat, oats and fescue seed. Stan generally just loved to work and be outside! 

In 1993 Stan purchased 10 heifers to start his cow/calve operation and has been raising cattle ever since. 

When Stan and Vanessa met in late 2014, Vanessa didn’t know anything about farming. However, she has always been a lover of food, animals, and the outdoors. 

As their love for each other grew, her love for farming grew as well. Vanessa has always been conscientious of the food that she puts in her body and in raising cattle with Stan she saw things that they could do differently to not only better the quality of their meat, but to better the taste as well. 

This newly developed love for Agriculture, got Vanessa thinking about what she could do to support as well as educate society on Agriculture. 

In January of  2020 Vanessa launched The Scarlett Heart Ag Foundation! She sells her photography prints as well as notecards & donates 100% of her profits to the foundation.

Each year the money raised from her art sales, donations, and a portion of their meat sales, gets awarded to hand selected Agriculture Majors that have applied to receive the scholarship.

All in all: Stan and Vanessa are the type of people that want to know where their food comes from & in running Faithway they want you to know exactly where your Beef comes from when you buy from Faithway!