I am interested in buying beef from Faith Way Cattle. What is my Next Step?

Answer any question you have via phone (our goal is to build relationships) We are old school and still believe talking over the phone is the best, especially in the beginning. When all your questions have been answered you are ready to pay your deposit.

How does the deposit work?

The $500(no-refundable) is best said as your reservation and down payment for your beef purchase. The balance is due once we receive the hanging weight from the processor. Balance must be paid in full prior to pick up.

What is the meaning of Hanging Weight?

When purchasing a whole or half cow you pay by hanging ”dress” weight.

The numbers below are figured on a whole cow. Interested in a half simply take the hanging “dress” weight and divide by 2 and this is what you are paying for. Take the consumable beef weight and divided by 2 and that is what you will have in your freezer.

When it comes to beef weights, there are 3 different ones that our customer should know.

The first is “live” weight. This is what the animal weighs on hoof ALIVE. Our average weight per animal is 1300-1350 lbs. for harvest date. Sometimes through the year we do have some that weigh less or more.

The next weight is “hanging ” weight. This is the weight that you are being charged for is based on “dressed” animal. Dress means the hide and all organs have been removed but all the bones and other unusable parts are still included. The hanging “dress” weight is approximately 60% of the live weight. So, a 1300 lb. cow would have a hanging weight of approximately 780 lb.

The last weight is the final “take-home” of freezer weight. This is the weight of the actual beef you will bring home and put in your freezer and Enjoy!!

What is the price per pound?

When purchasing a whole, half or quarter cow your freezer will be stocked for 6-12 months. As well as this is the most economical way to purchase beef. The charge is $5.99lb. hanging weight which includes all the processing fees, aging and vacuum sealed.
The average hanging weight of our cows are approximately 780lb. Depending on the choice of your cuts you will have between 550lb of consumable beef. You will have approximately $8lb for all your cuts of beef.

Should I get a Whole, Half, or Quarter Cow?

It really depends on the size of your family, how much you eat and your freezer space.***Consider going in with family or friends.** We can give recommendations to help you decide what is best for you and your family/friends.

Will you help me with what meat cuts I can get?

Yes, we will work together in filling out your cut sheet so you may get all the cuts you desire.

How is the Beef packaged?

All the beef is vacuumed sealed, labeled, and frozen.

Method of Payment?

We accept all credit cards.

Who processes the beef?

USDA licensed and inspected processing facility right here in Georgia.

How much freezer space will I need?

Half Beef will approximately fit in a small chest type freezer 7 cu. Ft. Whole Beef will approximately fit in a large chest type freezer 14 cu. Ft.

Where do you get your calves?

Our calves are born and raised right here on our farm.

Why pasture-raised grain-finished?

Our Cattle are raised without hormones and steroids. They graze in an open pasture which in turn is a low-stress environment that ensures quality health and the most tender cuts of beef. We work together with a specific plan with our feed management to ensure the proper nutrients for our cattle.